Image SEO: The Best Ways To Optimize Your Images For Good SEO in Singapore

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In today’s world, visual search has gained immense popularity and has become a crucial aspect of search engines. Content creators today are well aware of the power of images and how they can add life to their content. However, it is essential to note that images also require optimization based on various factors for better visibility and higher rankings in search engine results pages. To achieve optimal image optimization and overall SEO success, consider hiring an experienced SEO Consultant in Singapore.

When you discuss image SEO with your hired SEO consultant from Singapore or anywhere else, you’ll realise that there are several aspects to consider when optimising images. However, you might be wondering:

If you want your content to be more relatable and engaging, it’s essential to include images. Research has shown that visuals can help people understand and remember information better than text alone. This is because images can convey emotions, ideas, and concepts that are difficult to express through words alone. As the famous saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Without the help of an SEO expert, your website may not be optimised for search engines, so your traffic may have less dwell time. This means that visitors to your site may leave quickly without engaging with your content. By working with an SEO expert in Singapore, you can ensure that your website is optimised for SEO marketing and that your target audience is more likely to see and engage with your content.

Optimising images for SEO can offer several benefits, such as improving your website’s search engine rankings, increasing organic traffic, and enhancing user experience. Other benefits include:

      • Improving the page loading speed.

      • The webpage will get a higher ranking on the SERP.

      • Lower bandwidth use with small images.

      • Optimised images need less storage on the server.

    Image optimisation is all about making images more relevant to the context of the brand or content. SEO specialists from Singapore will use images to make your website better than the websites of close competitors to the brand.

    As many people are opting to search via images online for better understanding, learning about the best practices for optimising the images may help you a long way in your SEO campaign. Here are the best ways to improve SEO on your photos:

    Professional SEO consultants in Singapore will begin with developing a relevant image title. It can be the keyword related to the content for which the particular page can acquire a higher rank in search results. Or, it can be a trending phrase associated with potential customers. This way, you can get more exposure on the search engines.

    An alt text is a set of words that appear instead of the image when it is loading or fails to load. It indicates what the image is about to the search engine.

    Alt-text plays two critical roles:

        • It helps the search engine crawlers to index the website more effectively.

        • Improves user experience.

      SEO experts in Singapore can use alt text to describe the images to visually impaired people. Screen readers and on-screen audio can also help people with visual impairments learn the image and related information, making this a vital digital marketing tool.

      When a website employs many visual elements, such as images and videos, it is essential to use captions. Captions are brief descriptions or explanations of the visual content displayed on the website. Captions are beneficial, as they provide additional context to the reader, helping them comprehend the meaning of the image or video and how it relates to the accompanying text.

      SEO specialists from Singapore will emphasise including structured data in the images. This is because search engines can include your pictures in the rich results if you add structured data to the page. Structured can include:

          • Product

          • Video

          • Content

        Hence, this will help achieve a fleshed-out listing for the images you use for your site.

        Create URL Structure

        Creating a user-friendly URL structure will help the website get higher ranks in the image search process. SEO consultants from Singapore can reflect the nature of the website and lead interested viewers to a particular image using these URLs. This will add to the website’s search engine optimisation and strengthen its online presence.

        Define the Dimensions

        SEO experts from Singapore will always indicate the image’s dimensions and compress them appropriately for the proper application.

        Place Images near Relevant Text

        A considerable distance between the related text and the image will confuse readers. Thus, it would be better to place the images near the relevant text to keep their focus flowing seamlessly throughout the content.

        XML Image Sitemaps

        Google prefers adding images to the existing sitemap or creating a separate sitemap only for the images. Do you need more tips on how to optimise the images for your SEO strategy? Get more insight from Aii Develop SEO experts!

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