6 Link-Building Strategies For the Best SEO Practice 2024

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Link-building has been and will always be an integral strategy in creating any form of a digital marketing plan. Not only will it encourage website visitors to travel to your page, but it serves as a “vote of confidence” that helps Google’s algorithm rank your site better. As you build more and more quality backlinks, it will signal Google that your content is trustworthy, bumping your webpage higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

But link-building is more complex than it might seem. As links connect one webpage to another, they transfer a variety of elements such as resources, expertise, and information, all of which contribute to the value of each content. When readers click a backlink on a well-written article, they would expect the next page to hold the same calibre, of course. As such, you can raise your online credibility and build authority in your respective field, but your content needs to be good. This is why quality backlinks matter!

Many marketing agencies may overlook this detail, often opting for a larger quantity of backlinks instead of focusing on quality. It is definitely an easier route to producing SEO results; however, with Google’s current climate, these SEO efforts may bear little fruit. This is thanks to the rise of AI-generated content that has diluted the internet with an overflow of mechanically churned information, lowering the standard of credibility for practically everyone.

Hence, Google is reflecting on this change by introducing tweaks in its algorithm that will assess content through its value. It is a stark contrast to previous years, where, before April 2012, one could easily buy website rankings through the number of backlinks alone.

So, all of us must adapt by either gritting our teeth and putting in the work or by hiring marketing services from an SEO company in Singapore. Do note that aside from backlink building, your SEO framework should also include other SEO efforts like social media marketing or off-page SEO on top of content marketing.

We know this will be a challenging feat, which is why we have prepared 8 link-building tips that can supplement your digital marketing strategies.


1. Start A Blog for On-Page SEO 

A proven SEO strategy is to always have a blog section on your website. Your blog must have content unique to your field that doesn’t deviate far from your root topics, as it can complicate the algorithm’s assessment of your site. As you create more and more blog content, they become the grounds on which you can pepper your backlinks. Moreover, the content must appeal to readers and provide useful information, regardless of whether a reader is directed to or from your blog page. This can be developed with the help of a professional SEO company in Singapore.


2. Skyscraper Technique to Boost SEO Rankings

Brian Dean from Backlinkto coined this technique that has become a standing principle used by most if not all, SEO experts today. The idea behind this technique is to find the best existing content similar to what you currently have and improve on it as your own. You can then encourage sites that have previously linked to said article to now link to yours.


3. Link Building With Infographics 

Infographics are a different type of SEO that’s more eye-catching and easier to understand. It is why you can find thousands of them on the internet. The key is using them to convey additional information that adds value and relevance to your content. It is one of the more effective SEO techniques that can be made through tools such as Canva or Visme.


4. Links Through Guest Blogging 

One of the best digital marketing techniques a leading SEO agency would recommend is guest blogging. By working together with a trustworthy blog in your industry, you can tap into the blog’s existing traffic and funnel it into yours with the offer of insightful content. However, it is important to emphasize that you must not compromise the quality of your content, as it directly reflects on the original blog. Connect with an SEO service provider to further understand how to build links through guest blogging optimally.


5. Broken Link Building 

A broken link is essentially a link on a webpage that directs to a non-existent or “dead” resource. Although broken links are undesirable for any website, you can find opportunities within them. By using backlink checkers, you can identify relevant websites that contain broken links and request to replace them. As a result, you gain a backlink from a reputable source while they receive high-quality content.


6. List Your Site In Trustworthy Directories

Finally, pay attention to the importance of listing your website on directories. This will enhance your visibility and attract more traffic to your page, ultimately resulting in increased earnings. To gain a better understanding of this concept and improve your ROI, consider consulting with a specialist SEO company in Singapore.

Quality SEO is a long-term plan that seldom has shortcuts. As SEO is an ongoing and continuous effort, it is best to choose the right SEO specialist who can help with your SEO campaign.

Choose Aii Develop as the SEO company in Singapore with the best SEO solutions for you. As the leading digital marketing agency in Singapore, we are committed to strengthening your online presence, no matter the products or services.

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